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A Unifying System For All...

FormFire: The Digital Pipeline.

FormFire, LLC is a specialized application service provider supporting the health insurance industry. It was founded in January 2006, after an extensive 3-year product development.

FormFire’s goal is to build a unifying digital workflow system that serves the whole insurance market— particularly where private health information and medical underwriting are part of the normal business process.

By developing and adapting state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of multiple business users, FormFire has constructed a digital “pipeline” that connects individual Employees, Employers, Brokers, and General Agents, with Carriers and Providers.

FormFire’s technology covers the process of gathering all relevant demographic and personal health information, the collection and notarization of legal electronic signatures, and the digital transfer and processing of census, application, underwriting, and submission information.

This intelligent system supports any insurance group: whether they need to be supplied with traditional paper applications, or wish to take advantage of the savings and efficiency e-Commerce and paper eradication can bring.