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Brokers and General Agents

As a Broker, finding and retaining customers profitably is becoming more difficult each year. For a General Agent, costs climb as they bring value to brokers and deal with the growing resources needed in responding to increased quote requests.

FormFire not only allows Employees and Employers to submit information and apply for medical coverage online, but it provides Brokers and General Agents with a complete management system: from processing “street-rate” quotes through to submitting sold business.

FormFire is the one place to manage many typical business processes, including:

The system allows all involved to see and manage the activity around a customer account. It can be a watchdog and communications tool: from the simple act of gathering up a census, to monitoring the progress of a group as they sign-off information.

When information is complete, Brokers and General Agents have the ability to service each and every participating Carrier or Provider with the data they require.

That data can be sent completely digitally, used to build a spreadsheet census, or put to specific paper applications in the traditional manner.

More and more FormFire participating Carriers do not require a “wet” signature—even for sold cases. This means the time and energy normally used by Brokers and General Agents to finalize a case can be productively spent doing other things.

FormFire maintains all of the relevant documentation, forms and protocols—so Brokers and General Agents can be assured that Carriers and Providers get what they need, when they need it.

FormFire is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. USA.