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Carriers and Providers

As the world moves further into the digital age, it is becoming clearer that rekeying or manually sorting information for quoting and processing purposes is a huge waste of valuable resources.

Implementing a dedicated online enrollment system is not only expensive, but could take months to develop, or may not live up to business expectations once deployed.

FormFire, through the flexibility of its existing technology, has the ability to integrate with any insurance Carrier or Provider’s quoting, submission, and management system. At the very basic level, Form- Fire can supply Carriers and Providers with their own paper documentation in a scrubbed, legible, and complete form.

With FormFire’s electronic signature solution, Carriers and Providers can not just obtain a binding signature, but get a starting point in leveraging the cost savings and efficiencies e-Commerce and paper eradication can bring.

Here are a few common areas where FormFire can add value:

FormFire is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. USA.