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The Group: Employees and Employers

Ask any Employer or Employee about applying for medical coverage and they will tell you it’s not easy. Unfortunately, that's the way the industry works... but FormFire brings a different and simpler approach.

FormFire’s approach is an online interactive interview that collects needed information. It’s interview process can configure itself to each personal situation and the needs of the involved industry groups. The information collected is stored securely and compliantly, and can be shared or sent to any who need to use it.

Beyond the obvious work reduction and time savings for the Employer and Employees, there are a number of other features that bring rewards:

For the Employer...

For the individual Employee...

The FormFire process compliments the current way industry works. It fits straight in. But it goes beyond the traditional: getting the needed information into a digital format at the earliest opportunity—direct from each applying individual.

Each individual enters their details online through an interview process that asks and shows only relevant questions. The interview intelligently monitors and checks entries: looking for missing details and “scrubbing” unclear information. On completion, all those applying are walked through an information review and legal disclosure.

At final sign-off, each applicant is asked to complete a binding electronic signature—a unique mouse-tosign technology that can be used by any computer and does not require specialized or additional equipment to work.

This innovative electronic signature process was specifically designed by FormFire to meet the needs of the insurance industry.

FormFire is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. USA.